Who are you most excited to see at Worlds?

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(Focusing on MAG because that's what I follow the most but feel free to share for both MAG and WAG!)

  1. Carlos Yulo! I'm super excited to see him and according to the nominative registration he's competing all around which is even more exciting!
  2. Artur Davtyan. Give this man his vault gold. His Dragalescu is literal art and I cannot take a repeat of Euros
  3. Noah Kuavita. His horizontal bar dismount never fails to have my jaw drop
  4. Lukas Dauser. I really like is Pbars
  5. Nicola Bartolini. His floor work is beautiful
  6. Donnell Whittenburg. Would really like to see him get a medal! Rings maybe??
  7. Stephen Nedoroscik. He's one of my favorite gymnasts and I would love to see him defend his title.
  8. Rhys McClenaghan. I'm hoping he stays consistent and is able to get himself a medal!

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