Which of the Mag Seven have spoken out about the Karolyis/Nassau?

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EDIT: iPhone changed Nassar to Nassau and now I can’t edit the title!

I’m watching the final ep of Defying Gravity and it got me wondering about which members of the Magnificent Seven have commented on the Gymnast Alliance movement, and specifically Nassar and the Karolyis. Of course, Dominique Moceanu was among the first to speak out and I think I’ve seen Dawes support change in gymnastics, but I was surprised that despite following gymnastics pretty closely, I couldn’t recall comments from the others.

Kerri Strug is interesting because we know she chose to go back to the Karolyis at 18–and reportedly set some ground rules with them in a way that Moceanu was not able to do given her age and parents. But still, wouldn’t you think that Kerri would have witnessed the way they treated Moceanu? In this article from 2008, she disagrees and basically implies that it comes down to a difference in opinion about “tough coaching,” with Kerri saying she recognized it was tough but valued the results (https://www.chron.com/sports/olympics/article/Strug-Abuse-never-an-issue-for-her-with-Karolyis-1628331.php).

I can’t help but wonder if Kerri fees differently now, and if she looks back differently at her experience of having to vault on an injury, since recently there has been more discussion about the narrative around that vault and how it was actually pretty disturbing that it went down that way (I.e., the fact that they didn’t actually need the score, that she clearly felt she had to do it and was publicly pressured by Bela, Bela’s grandstanding by going on the medal podium, etc.)

I’m sure it’s very complicated for ‘96 Olympians to talk about these things because their team was so iconic and inspiring to many. And of course, some may only now be coming to terms with their experiences. Just curious if you guys know more about if/how they’ve commented on what’s happened in the past few years.

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