Well lads, here we are. Goodbye 2019 [sentimental end of year post]

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With 2019 drawing to a close and the most anticipated time and competitions of the quad about to begin (queue the team selection threads), I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys. I'm about the only one following elite gymnastics in my circle and it has been a pleasure to chat with you on here and learn heaps from you guys.

We've marveled at old and new skills, we've seen (attempt) comebacks, victories and defeats. We've seen Rachel and Aly and many others rally and cursed USAG for what they did and or didn't do. We've closely watched the journeys of rising stars and old veterans delighting the competition floor. We've played Bingo with classic Timmy's oneliners. We've discussed competitions and documentaries and formed temporary book clubs when biographies came out. Remember the Wolf-Kino? Zonderland catching the bar with one hand? Melnikova's mid-tumble hair transformation? "Smiling doesn't win you gold medals"? Li Shijia shaking things up?

I wish you guys a great, happy and healthy 2020 and here's to a great grand finale of this quad.

What has been your favourite gymnastics (related) moment of the quad so far? What's your one big hope for 2020?

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