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Gymnast Mindset Pillars

1. Do gymnastics because YOU want to. Your happiness and well being trumps success. If gymnastics is not in your heart than do something else. Don’t do it for other people.

Tired of the Daily Grind?

You spend a lot of hours in the gym and sometimes you’re just in that mode of putting one foot in front of the other. What’s my assignment for tonight? What do I need to do tomorrow? It’s just more and more routine.


Here are some tips to string those Toes to Bar together. I am assuming that you have a general idea of toes to bars but you have trouble doing them together. If You get out of rhythm and have to jump down try these tips.


Lack of wrist flexibility and strength is an often overlooked problem. When you are in a handstand, you want to try to keep your back and shoulders still and do all of your balancing with your hands and wrists. This means you need to work on your wrist flexibility as well as the strength.


I want to share one way that you can start working on your mindset right now.


Basic tumbling is an important part of gymnastics. You can work on movements and shapes that will aid you in the development of skills on other events. Perfect them safely on the floor first!

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