Top 5 Reasons To Send Your Child To Summer Camp

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With summer quickly approaching, your child is probably already thinking of a few summer activities they can do. If your child is still at a loss on what they can do, a good suggestion would always be to send them to summer camp. It’s a worthwhile experience that can enhance your child’s life and teach lifelong lessons.

Here are some of the most important reasons to send your child to summer camp:

Camp teaches children to be independent

Camp offers the opportunity to develop self-independence — a valuable trait your child can use in the future. From getting up early to finding their way to different parts of the camp, children are encouraged to make decisions and care for themselves.

Camp promotes social skills

Social skills are important to building strong relationships. At camp, your child has the chance to meet a diverse set of peers and branch out from their usual friends. They can also befriend older people such as camp counselors. Ultimately, values such as respect and cooperation are cultivated from social interactions.

Children can take a break from technology

These days, children spend most of their time in front of their computer or smartphone. When children unplug from technology, they get to engage in real-life interactions and activities. In fact, a 2014 study conducted by UCLA researchers showed that by spending a week at camp, sixth graders became better at reading nonverbal emotional cues around them — a sign of social and emotional intelligence.

Children can acquire leadership skills

Camps are natural training places to practice leadership. Good camp counselors expose children to empowering activities that help them discover their strengths and boost their self-confidence. To this end, children become more comfortable in assuming leadership roles they would otherwise shy away from.

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