Thoughts on the individual event finals from Rhythmic WC/predictions for AA final?

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So first up, it was great to see most of the big names so soon after the Olympics. I doubted the participation of the Averinas but it was good to see them.

Still, the event did feel a little anticlimactic without Linoy (and Nicol, for that matter). Apparently the Israelis had decided before the Olympics that they would be taking a break. I COMPLETELY understand and I think this is actually a very good idea. Especially Linoy would have been through the most wild ride of emotions with the dramatic win, the horrendous disgusting campaign of hatred and antisemitism, the continuous attacks on the result and demands for reevaluations etc. She seems to be having the time of her life enjoying her win, relaxing, making TikToks, and just chilling. Very very happy for her.

Nonetheless, her signature high-risk high-energy style was missing.


BIG SURPRISE that Dina won almost everything, lol. The only surprise was that she DIDN'T win ribbon.

Twitter and even Facebook seem to again be ablaze in controversy about judging – with a large number of fans complaining that Dina gets credited for difficulty that she isn't achieving and that she's thus overscored. Similarly, people were furious that she "only" won silver in ribbon and claiming that she was underscored.

I think at this point it's becoming a real problem. Not that I think the judging is unfair, but the amount of criticism and questioning of results whenever people don't like them. At the end of the day, in a sport where judges determine scores (rather than h2h competitive sports like basketball, tennis etc or races where times determine victory) things are going to be controversial and subjective and this needs to be accepted at some point.

What is also problematic is the denial that sometimes this works in someone's favor and sometimes it might work against them; people never seem to acknowledge when scoring was favorable to them.

I would not want to be a judge right now. The pressure and scrutiny must be awful. At the end of the day, these people are just doing their jobs and it's really unfortunate that this is all happening.

On a lighter note, Harnasko was a very deserving winner! Her ribbon routine was great. I was also slightly surprised by the result because Dina's was also amazing (better than her clubs!), but I don't know RG scoring enough to say for sure.

I thought clubs was a bit of a disappointment with the number of drops, and especially for Kaleyn. She seems like she's always 4th 🙁 but huge for Salos! Also a very deserving winner.

As for the AA final, I don't think there's much doubt who the winner will be lol. Can't see Dina losing this. Would be interesting to see what happens if she has a drop in one of her routines and still wins though…lol.

Side note: Arina looks even more unhappy than normal, and I don't understand why she's always coming second when her routines look better. I don't know how difficulty works that well but her difficulty doesn't seem much lower than Dina's and her execution is sometimes better, but she still gets 2nd. I don't really know how I'd keep going if I were in her position.

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