The Tatiana’s of the early 90s were doing such crazy difficult gymnastics – their skills are still rated the highest today.

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Almost 30 years ago, some of the most difficult gymnastics was being competed flawlessly by 3 teenagers from the USSR, in the midst of its dissolution. Links below.

Tatiana Gutsu. Tatiana Lysenko. Tatiana Groshkova.

Tatiana Gutsu did the first standing full on beam I ever saw and a full twisting double dismount. She could also do an amazing DTY on vault.

Tatiana Lysenko performed an even better DTY on vault and she did a round off layout, layout, layout connected as her beam mount at the 91’ worlds.

See her DTY at the 92’ Olympics here

See that crazy beam mount here

Tatiana Groshkova was by far the most outrageous. She competed a full twisting combo on beam and the first double double I ever saw on floor in 1989. I’m also pretty sure she did both twists in the first salto. Her crazy sideways back handsprings on beam still amaze me.

Groshkova’s double double on floor is here

And her wild beam routine is below

This is my favorite era of trickery. Take a watch!

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