2021 Worlds Finals – MAG AA Discussion Thread


2021 Worlds Finals – MAG AA Discussion Thread

Quick Notes: BBS-created schedule: 6:00pm Kitakyushu; 11:00am Paris; 10:00am London; 5:00am New York; 2:00am Los Angeles Live Chat link for those that prefer that format (to be linked later) Streaming! FIG Playlist (outsid...

2021 Worlds Qualifications – Day 1 Discussion Thread

Quick Notes: Fantastic schedule built out by BBS. There will also be a live chat once quals kicks off in a few hours for those that prefer a chat format. We will link it here once it goes live. Live Chat Link. Streaming! See...

Worlds Team Named

https://usagym.org/pages/post.html?PostID=26643 It is official from USAG: Kayla, eMjae, Leanne and Konnor. Olivia is the non-traveling alternate. Gutted they didn't include Ciena as an alternate as well. submitted ...
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