Missing Gymnastics? Watch the 2022 Trampoline World Championships! (Info Hub Post)


2022 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Info Hub

Event: MAG & WAG World Championships Where: Liverpool, England Event Website IMPORTANT NOTE #1! DST is around the corner, and it does not hit everyone equally. The UK is changing clocks on October 30th. USA is on November...

Paris World Challenge Cup info and links

The Paris World Challenge Cup is coming up, so I thought I’d collect some information in one place. When: Saturday and Sunday (24-25 September). To the best of my knowledge, qualifying on Saturday will not be streamed. Whe...

NCAA Week 9 & Doha World Cup MegaSticky

Slightly less gym this weekend as compared to last, but still some elite comps happening! NCAA Week 9 Schedule & Links NCAA W9 Schedule & Links Doha FIG World Cup: March 2nd-5th Event Website Doha functions like Cottb...
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