2021 Worlds Finals – MAG AA Discussion Thread


2021 Worlds Finals – MAG AA Discussion Thread

Quick Notes: BBS-created schedule: 6:00pm Kitakyushu; 11:00am Paris; 10:00am London; 5:00am New York; 2:00am Los Angeles Live Chat link for those that prefer that format (to be linked later) Streaming! FIG Playlist (outsid...

2021 Worlds Qualifications – Day 1 Discussion Thread

Quick Notes: Fantastic schedule built out by BBS. There will also be a live chat once quals kicks off in a few hours for those that prefer a chat format. We will link it here once it goes live. Live Chat Link. Streaming! See...

Olympic Team Prediction Thread: March Pt 1

HERE BE THE MONTHLY PREDICTION THREAD YOU ALL ASKED FOR! March Edition Part 1 As requested by the community at large, there shall be approximately one (1) thread per month. Should anyone post a thread after this, I shall remo...

It’s NCAA signing day! [Discussion thread]

Lots of big news today. WAG: College Gym News- Big 4 conferences, East conferences, West and Midwest conferences. Morgan Hurd officially going to Florida (2022 season), as is Riley McCusker (starting fall 2020) Balance Beam S...
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