EYOF WAG Discussion Post


EYOF WAG Discussion Post

July 27th Event: WAG qualifying and team/AA final Subdivisions 1-4 run 1000-1900 local (Central European Summer Time (CEST)). Hopefully streaming on EOC TV (appears to be ready to broadcast soon at the time of this posting). ...

GK US Classic Info Post

Event: 2021 GK US Classic Dates: May 21st & 22nd Event Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Local Time Zone: Eastern Event Website Live Scoring Events May 21st, 1:40pm: Hopes Championships May 21st, 6:40pm: US Classic (Junior...

Alyssa Beckerman: #GymnastAlliance post about Miss Val

Open letter to Mrs. Valorie Kondos Field, First of all, I am very aware of the sheer amount of anger this will potentially generate. All I can say is, I appreciate that people had good experiences. I just can’t say the same...

Watching Old Competitions – Post Nassar/Marta

I think, at very least since the advent of Youtube, watching old competitions has been a staple of gymnastics fans. We follow a sport with a SUPER short competition season. It means we often appease our desire to see more by ...
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