Hypothetical NCAA tell-all


Hypothetical NCAA tell-all

Which (current or former) NCAA athletes would you like to read a tell-all from? I don't even want to say Marz, because I feel so awful for her that her senior season turned out like this. It would feel like rubbernecking ...

NCAA Predictions Tournament Winners

Just wanted to give a shout out to /u/jstills2257 for winning the predictions tournament! For the podium: jstills2257 (2576) FrankieGayy (2501) SpringySpringbok (2335) Also a shoutout to /u/giraffeaquarium, who appears to ...

NCAA Week 9 & Doha World Cup MegaSticky

Slightly less gym this weekend as compared to last, but still some elite comps happening! NCAA Week 9 Schedule & Links NCAA W9 Schedule & Links Doha FIG World Cup: March 2nd-5th Event Website Doha functions like Cottb...
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