Shawn Johnson’s 2011 Comeback

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This is purely speculation.

I’ve been watching the 2011 Visa Champs and I am so impressed with Shawn’s comeback. I know she’s said now that she was incredibly unhappy and not mentally interested in it, but to me that just makes me more impressed with how good she was. Obviously she wasn’t at the same level of 2008 but her beam was still VERY good, bars were solid and vault I think would’ve improved. I’m sure she would’ve brought back floor as well though I’m not sure she would’ve ever gotten the same difficulty back, same with the amanar (I think that would’ve been for the better though as her amanar was scary). I don’t know if she would’ve made the 2012 team but I think she would’ve had a good shot at worlds in 2011. To me it’s a testament to Chow’s coaching that she was in such good form so quickly. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on where her comeback could’ve gone if it’d been something she’d actually been happy doing!

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