Advanced Rising Ring Swing Skills

Advanced Rising Ring Swing Skills


This tutorial teaches back uprises, ball rolls to support, butterfly muscles ups and more!

This Tutorial teaches back uprises, ball rolls to support, butterfly muscle ups and more!

You may have your muscle up but want to learn those "grid-type" moves but do not know where to start.  Your box coach may have just figured them out but hasn't learned the proper drills or techniques.  This is why you should learn these from an experienced GYMNASTICS COACH. I teach this skill daily to gymnasts and with this tutorial I can teach you the proper technique and drills to learn them quickly and most importantly SAFELY!

This tutorial goes over many of the swinging skills you want to learn - back uprise, butterfly muscle up, kip to support, front uprise and back rolls to support!  All of them are broken down, in pictures and video. Over 30 videos in fact!

You may have seen Coach Keith Pettit's tips on Instagram - this tutorial is like that only much better. It consists of detailed explanations, tips, exercises, videos and pictures to help you learn that important skill. It also includes descriptions and exercises to get strong enough.  Including some that he has never posted on Instagram.  No matter what your deficiency may be - flexibility, strength, or knowledge, Coach Keith will explain how to overcome them.  Sometimes one small tip can make a huge difference - well how about a whole book of them!

Why would I buy this when I can just search on youtube or  Instagram?  There are many reasons.  This tutorial goes into much more detail with the exercises than is possible on Instagram or youtube and it's one document that covers all the drills and progressions in one organized place.  As an added bonus you can print it out, and have it as reference material for when you go to the gym and still be able to access the videos.  If you need to look at a video - use the QR codes next to each exercise and you can have instant access. 

Have you seen some of the cool skills that gymnasts or bar-athletes do and wonder how they learn that?  That's why Coach Keith's tutorials are here.  You or your coach may have taught some gymnastics type movements but don't know what to do next.  Here is a nice detailed tutorial to teach you those next, fun gymnastics type movements.

If you are a beginner or a coach, this tutorial will give you some interesting tips and drills you can incorporate into your workouts, all for less than it typically costs to do one drop in visit at a box.