Paris World Challenge Cup info and links

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The Paris World Challenge Cup is coming up, so I thought I’d collect some information in one place.

When: Saturday and Sunday (24-25 September). To the best of my knowledge, qualifying on Saturday will not be streamed. When a live scoring link surfaces, I will update this post. ETA: Live scoring here!

There will be a world feed with Olly Hogben commentating, but unfortunately he has not been told where that feed will air. Previous world feeds this year have mostly popped up in South American countries, I believe.

ETA 2: It’s back on the Sunday schedule as well as the Monday schedule. The Sport en France link below should work. The French federation also has a free app that will be airing the final live. You can download MaGymTV here:

  • PC: [](
  • Android: [](
  • Apple: [](

ETA: Since I first looked at Sport en France’s website, they have moved the broadcast from Sunday to Monday at 9pm local. I don’t know if this will affect when the event is streamed. However, Italy is sending athletes, and earlier in the season they streamed World Cups they were at on their YouTube channel, so that may also be an option. I’ll try to keep you up to date.

So far I haven’t found a detailed schedule for Saturday, but the first qualifying round (MAG FX/PH/SR, WAG VT/UB) is 2-5pm, and the second round (MAG VT/PB/HB, WAG BB/FX) is 5:30-8:30pm. ETA: The French federation has announced a new start time for qualifying. It’s now starting at 1:30pm local time. If you’re going in person, doors open at 11:30am.


  • 1:30pm: MAG FX
  • 2:06pm: WAG VT/MAG PH
  • 2:44pm: WAG UB/MAG SR
  • 3:28pm: awards
  • 4:10pm: WAG BB/MAG VT
  • 4:48pm: WAG FX/MAG PB
  • 5:27pm: MAG HB
  • 6:10pm: awards

All times are local. Paris is 6 hours ahead of US Eastern time.

How to watch: Sport en France will be streaming Sunday’s finals. To my knowledge it will not require subscription or VPN. I’m afraid I can’t help you navigate the French website. Hopefully some French speakers will help out.

Who will be there: New nominative registration here. There may still be some changes but this is more final than the original. Here’s the nominative registration for both MAG and WAG. Please remember that this list can change and already has. There will only be 3 American women despite what this link says — Carey, Jones, and Chiles.

Personnel updates: Carolann Heduit will not be there. She recently had covid but says this is not the reason for her absence. That article goes into a little detail on the conflict between the French federation and Heduit’s coach/home club, which is under investigation.

Tip of the hat to u/Peanut_Noyurr for the update on the Belgian contingent. No Nina Derwael.

How it works: This is an apparatus-only event. There will be no team or AA rankings. Every country can send up to 4 MAG and WAG athletes, and they can only put up 2 per apparatus in qualifying. From there it works like a normal event final.

Please ask questions if you’ve got them! I’ll try to answer or find answers for you.

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