One year ago today, Linoy Ashram stunned the world by winning gold, ending Russia’s Rhythmic Gymnastics dominance. The win was Israel’s third ever Olympic gold medal and first for a female.

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The famous ribbon routine, featuring the drop that caused the drama

Let's all reminisce on her breathtaking routines that day – 3 incredible performances to start, and a fourth featuring a flawless recovery from an unfortunate drop. She was the top scorer for clubs, hoop and joint top with Dina for ball, and second for ball.

Dina was last up, trying to overtake Linoy with her last routine. The score took an extremely long time to come in, causing some of the most dramatic minutes I can remember in sport. Dina ended up taking silver, with Alina Harnasko of Belarus taking bronze.

Linoy was an absolute boss that day. One of the most deserved and heartwarming victories I can remember.

The win was extremely controversial in Russia, with officials and gymnasts weighing in. Linoy's social media was flooded with thousands of horrible comments.

Regardless, Linoy's win was confirmed by FIG in the aftermath of the controversy.

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