Now What? Beyond Worlds, the NCAA season, and the “Road to Tokyo”

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So now that we're all a little bit like the escaped fish from the end of Finding Nemo, I thought I'd give a brief run down on what we've got up and coming. All dates will be in 'murican format (month/date – date/year). Also, apologies in advance for being American focused. While I'd love to include every national championship, realistically I know the American one is what folks on here will be looking for. But on that note, do know that pretty much every country of relevance is going to have major domestic competitions as well.

  • Swiss Cup. 11/03/19. This is a non-FIG event that's more fun than formal. It's a co-ed showdown between 2 person (same country) teams. Notable folks on the roster include Giulia Steingruber, Jade Carey, Artur Dalaloyan, & Oleg Verniaiev.

  • Cottbus WC. 11/21-24/19. This is Apparatus World Cup #5 of 8. We continue on our journey for 10 more gymnasts to earn nominative spots to Tokyo (this will conclude after event #8 (see below).

  • NCAA Season. January through April, 2020. Several notable women's teams started posting their schedules this week. Note that lots of teams (LSU, UCLA, etc) do winter previews in December '19.

  • Melbourne WC. 2/13-16/20. Apparatus World Cup #6 of 8

  • Nastia Liukin Cup. 3/06/20. This is a JO competition held the day before AmCup. It's a fun preview for future elites or girls about to enter NCAA.

  • American Cup. 3/07/20. All Around World Cup #1 of 4. 3 Tokyo spots will be granted at the conclusion of this World Cup Series based on cumulative results.

  • Baku WC. 3/12-15/20. Apparatus World Cup #7 of 8

  • Stuttgart AA Cup. 3/20-22/20. All Around World Cup #2 of 4.

  • Doha WC. 3/25-28/20. Apparatus World Cup #8 of 8

  • Birmingham AA Cup. 3/27-29/20. All Around World Cup #3 of 4.

  • Jesolo Trophy. 4/2-5/20. This is not an FIG meet.

  • Tokyo AA Cup. 4/3-5/20. All Around World Cup #4 of 4.

  • Pac Rims. 4/17-19/20. This meet primarily serves as a Tokyo warmup without any real implications. It's in New Zealand this cycle though, so don't be surprised if USAG doesn't send an A-Team like they did the past few quads. Possibly doubling as the Oceania continental champs?

  • NCAA WAG Championships. 4/17-18/20.

  • Continental Championships. 05/Various/20. 9 Tokyo spots (2 from each champs except only 1 from Oceania) will be awarded at these competitions. (Euros I think might start April 30th).

  • US Classic. 5/23/20.

  • US Nationals. 6/04-07/20.

  • US Olympic Trials. 6/25-28/20.

  • Tokyo Opening Ceremony. 7/24/20.

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