Let’s help fellow redditors understand rhythmic gymnastics. Judge Arina Averina’s hoop routine at 2019 Worlds.

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Here's her qualification hoop routine

I thought this would be a fun exercise. I'm a casual viewer with no personal experience. So go to the pantry and get a container of salt before reading.

Some Technical Terms

  • Body difficulty (BD): Jumps, turns, and balances. Body difficulties must be coordinated with apparatus handling. The top nine credited BDs count towards the difficulty score.
  • Apparatus Difficulty (AD): Difficult or unique apparatus handling. Basic apparatus handling doesn't count towards the D score. A throw can be an AD under certain circumstances.
  • Dynamic Element with Rotation (DER): Throws where the gymnast rotates during the throw. Rolling the apparatus on the ground and rotating is also a DER.
  • Dance Steps: A sequence of dance steps. At least one is required. Each sequence adds a fixed value to the D score.

What I notice

  • 0:27 Nice turn but I don't see any apparatus handling.

  • 0:34 Very good.

  • 0:42 The cartwheel was performed after the catch so it won't count in her dynamic element with rotation.

  • 0:48 She had difficulty holding the releve throughout the turn. I can't tell from the angle if it was bad enough to affect the difficulty score. But it warrants an execution deduction.

  • 1:05 She passed the ball between hands very late into the turn. I would give her a static apparatus deduction.

  • 1:02 She doesn't hold the penche with ring for long. Small deduction.

  • 1:26 I think she's trying to improve her difficulty score with a blind catch. But she catches before the walkover so I consider it in the line of sight and the walkover not part of the DER.

  • 1:50 She wasn't coordinated with the music at all at the end.

  • She doesn't have a strong connection to the music.

  • I think the dance steps were at the end. Can't say there's much variety in movement there.

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