i’m looking for floor routines with interesting balletic elements!

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i’m obsessed with Latalia Bevans floor routine here

this routine makes me think she has past experience with ballet, and specifically rhythmic gymnastics. i mean, look at that dynamic balance and the à la seconde turn! some of the choreography is also commonly seen in rhythmic routines.

and again here with Podkopayeva

Fouettés properly set up in second position, and other little things and leaps seen in ballet.

obviously an honorable mention to all of the girls from the Netherlands, but their routines seem more lyrical, while also including some balletic elements.

not only are these routines beautiful, but many of them are undervalued by the casual gymnastics fan. ballet is hecking hard, i broke my ankle trying to do part of nastia’s 2008 floor routine, lol.

classical ballet lessons were included in saturday practices at my gym, but my dads friends gym doesn’t do any kind of dance practice. no hate to the girls who are more powerful than artistic, everyone has different strengths!:)

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