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The normal subreddit policy on GoFundMe's is that they're allowed to be posted for major/uncommon situations. Gyms in Iowa flood and need community support? Sure thing. But individuals should not be spamming GoFundMes that exist for normal recreational costs.

Obviously COVID-19 is hitting gyms hard and it's a major event… but it's hitting nearly every gym worldwide… so there are hundreds if not more GFMs out there.

I don't want to prioritize any one gym over another, but also don't want to see the subreddit completely overrun by donation requests (compassion fatigue is real, y'all), so I was thinking that a masterpost might be a good compromise.

So, Tl;dr, this post serves to exist to link GoFundMe/other donation sites for gyms that are being affected by shutdowns. Please feel free to link GFMs you come across in the comments that are related to COVID-19 gym closures.

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