Further updates and clarification for clubs in England

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We have been speaking with Government to raise questions and look for clarifications on the aspects of the new restrictions that may affect gymnastics clubs. As you can appreciate, this is a rapidly changing situation and it is important we communicate to you as quickly as we can but with certainty that the information is correct. Any time the advice or guidance changes we will work to clarify the specifics for gymnastics and communicate them to you.

Latest update on Team Sport
On Wednesday, we confirmed that the ‘rule of six’ team sport restrictions would apply only to over 18s. We can now confirm that the only gymnasts affected by this rule are adults participating in TeamGym and Festival Display gymnastics as their groups are larger than six. In group activities within those specific disciplines, the ‘rule of six’ applies and no more than six adults from different households can work together within any one group.

Within TeamGym, this mainly impacts upon the floor element of sessions where groups of more than six adults should not be taking part in close proximity activities. We have updated our TeamGym discipline specific information with further details which can be found here.

In Festival Display Gymnastics groups should contain no more than six adults from different households taking part in close proximity activities.

Other disciplines and activities included in the British Gymnastics Team Sport Framework should continue to follow the guidance outlined within the Action Plan.

All other disciplines and activities are unaffected, and sessions can continue providing that clubs are adhering to social distancing guidelines as outlined in the British Gymnastics Step Forward Plan. In addition, we have received confirmation the ‘rule of six’ does not apply to disabled participants, irrespective of age and also does not apply to adults taking part in socially distanced gymnastics sessions.

Parents and Spectators
Where possible attendance by spectators and non-participating children should be avoided and minimised, especially within indoor facilities. If your club allows spectators, you must consider the following aspects:

  • Processes should be in place to carefully control numbers.
  • You must ensure current government guidelines are being observed including encouraging the wearing of facemasks in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is difficult to maintain e.g. corridors.
  • Social distancing must be in place and people should not visit the club socially in groups of more than six.
  • Suitable management and record keeping to comply with NHS Test & Trace.

In addition, parents and guardians should be discouraged from gathering in groups inside or outside the premises, including before and after classes.

Face coverings
We have received questions regarding face coverings. Face coverings are discouraged during the active participation of sport and are not compulsory during coaching or for additional adults assisting gymnasts in preschool/disability sessions.

However, as face coverings are now compulsory in most other indoor settings you may want to review your risk assessments based on the layout and individual circumstances of your club, and potentially encourage over 11s not actively participating in a session to wear a face covering.

Clarification regarding Preschool and Adult and Child sessions

To clarify, as adults attending preschool and stay and play sessions are not actively taking part in a Team Sport, these sessions are unaffected. You should be mindful that these activities should be socially distanced, and therefore follow the existing Step Forward Plan guidance on group size.  

Sport England FAQs
Sport England have put together a comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on their website.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact our Customer Support team by email on customersupport@british-gymnastics.org or by phone on 0345 1297129.

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