FAQ Curation: Part 1

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As part of our community gearing up for the Olympics, I'd like to invite everyone in joining me in generating an FAQ for all of the lovely newcomers to our sport and subreddit in the coming weeks.

For this post below, I would like to propose users either:

  • Submit questions they may have (no such thing as a dumb questions!); or

  • Submit a question you think someone might have, and either answer it yourself, or leave it open ended for others to answer.

In future rounds I'll have pared down everything submitted to a post that has a sensible order (ie grouping like questions together); future rounds will involve filling in gaps people might see, and refining answers.

Note: I'm undecided on if a master FAQ post will make more sense, or a wiki page in the sidebar. But regardless of this, it can be stickied in the leadup to Tokyo, but it should be noted that we can only have 2 stickies at a time, which will be the Tokyo Master Post (Schedule & Links) + any given live thread. So the Tokyo FAQ will need to become an imbedded link within the Master Post.

FAQ Creation Timeline:

Part 1: Starting now!

Part 2: Starting sometime around June 14th?

Part 3: Starting sometime around July 1st?

Part 4: If needed

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