Ever wondered if the writers at CBBC know anything about gymnastics? Well wonder no more…

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Right, this is incredibly niche BUT I was just listening to this week's GymCastic episode where they talk about a gymnastics/spy movie and I had this memory come out of nowhere from when I was a kid. There was this TV Show called M.I. High about teen spies (not sure how many people on here would have grown up in the UK around the same time as me but honestly even if not it is hilarious to watch as an adult) and I suddenly remembered that they once did a gymnastics episode, so obviously I am now watching it.

For starters, they've invented a European country (Boldovia) by making it 2 letters different from an existing European country (Moldova) and even went to the effort of drawing it on a map (sticking out the side of Norway) which is a level of commitment that I appreciate. As far as I could tell they didn't bother making up a flag. M.I.9 (also made up) think that Boldovia are going to break 3 people out of prison through the means of… an elite gymnastics meet between Boldovia and GB. Conveniently, one of our teen spies (Carrie) is on the national team! Which she proves by confidently stating 'There are no trampolines in gymnastics'. Even more conveniently, the competition is being held in the hall of the school we are currently in, which seems plausible. Also the Prime Minister is coming to watch. Casually. Again, we are in a school hall. The PM's daughter (who is called Chianti-Marie which I enjoy a lot) wonders 'why are we in this dump instead of the Albert Hall?' If anyone's not clear, the Albert Hall is a concert hall, still not exactly your typical gym meet venue.

As a bonus, we have Warwick Davis playing an evil Boldovian, with a friend who writes notes to himself in his own language except for the one word the audience needs to understand. Everything is working out so well for us so far.

Another highlight from national team gymnast Carrie: 'I heard you made a triple backflip on beam'. No video evidence of this as yet. Oh, and the Boldovian team can all play musical instruments and, believe it or not, this is a key plot point. I would even go so far as to say that its one of very few plot points. For example, we never actually see how the prison break-in happens. Conveniently, someone has just already unlocked it. Although, once inside the prison, we do get my favourite line of the whole episode: 'I'm the Prime Minister open the door'. (Oh yeah I never mentioned but the PM did actually get kidnapped) and just like that, we're through the criss-crossy lazers! Honestly what is happening. Thankfully, the spies arrive to push the Boldovians over and the PM is safe. That was a close one.

Oh and final bit of drama, Carrie is about to go on vault and doesn't know the springboard is booby trapped! Major suspense until… she does an ugly little jump over the table without touching the springboard. Because she has a 6th sense and somehow guessed it? Anyway one of the judges gives her a 0 which I think is pretty harsh as she did actually land foot first. What's the deduction for not using the springboard?

The Boldovian quite rightly gets 0 after landing on her knees, so at least GB won the meet.

And with that (well and an emotional lights-off in the 'gym' scene) it's over. Worth my time? No. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself and that's what counts.

In case anyone else wants to waste 30 minutes of their precious life, here is part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_eWcpEpGqA

and part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-N_G5SHCms&list=TLPQMTUxMjIwMjH3AT7eXQm42w&index=2

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