European Youth Olympic Festival 2022 information

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The EYOF is next week, so I thought I’d share what I’ve found about it.

First: according to Turn News on Instagram, the EYOF YouTube channel will be streaming the mixed pairs and apparatus finals, but not qualifying. Which sucks, because that’s also the team/AA final, but what else is new. There’s a chance the livestream will be geolocked, but the streams from 2019 are available in the United States, so I’m reasonably confident that it’ll be available after the fact, if not actually live.

The schedule can be found on pages 4-6 of the work plan (pdf link; if that doesn’t work you can find a link to it here). Here’s the day-by-day summary:

  • Tuesday, July 26: MAG qualifying and team/AA final
  • Wednesday, July 27: WAG qualifying and team/AA final
  • Thursday, July 28: mixed pairs final
  • Friday, July 28: MAG FX, PH, SR final; WAG VT, UB final
  • Saturday, July 29: MAG VT, PB, HB final; WAG BB, FX final

The mixed pairs final will work as follows: one MAG and one WAG from each federation. MAG will be determined by the highest combined floor, parallel bars, and high bar scores; the WAG will be the highest vault, beam, and floor scores. The top 16 pairs from qualifying will compete in the final.

All pairs will compete in the first two rounds, with everyone deciding the order they want to do the apparatus in. At the end of the second round, the top four pairs will compete in a semifinal where they have to compete the apparatus they haven’t done yet, followed by a bronze medal round and a gold medal round. In the final rounds they can choose what apparatus to do, with no carryover scores from previous rounds. (If they choose vault for the final, they have to do two vaults.)

Turn News has a bunch of WAG lineups posted in recent posts. I haven’t seen anything equivalent for MAG. UPDATE: has been compiling rosters for MAG and WAG.

Results will be posted on the EYOF website. At this point I don’t know if there will be livescoring but I’ll update if I find out.

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