European Championships Schedule & Links

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Event: 2021 European Championships

Dates: 21 April – 25 April

Event Location: Basel Switzerland (local time zone = CET)

Event Website

Live Scoring


  • 21 April: Women's Qualifications, 4 subdivisions, 10:00 to 20:30 local
  • 22 April: Men's Qualifications, 3 subdivisions, 10:00 to 19:40 local

See BBS's post here for exact time breakdowns for each qualifying subdivision. BBS has it set so it should show you your own time zone.

Qualifications can be live streamed here.


Note: There is no Team Competition this Euros.

  • 23 April: Women's All-Around, 13:30 local (07:30 Eastern)
  • 23 April: Men's All-Around, 17:00 local (11:00 Eastern)
  • 24 April: Event Finals Day 1, 13:30 local (07:30 Eastern)
  • 25 April: Event Finals Day 2, 13:00 local (07:00 Eastern)

Finals can be live streamed here.

Why should you care? Other than this being, ya know, Euros (a premier event of the sport), there are 4 Olympic Berths on the line. 2 for Men & 2 for Women. These will be doled out based on performances in the AA during Qualifications. They go to the top 2 AAers who have not already been a participating member of a qualifying team (or have not already earned an AA berth from 2019 Worlds).

So Larisa Iordache? Eligible. Gelya Melnikova? Nope.

And to make it more complicated, if an (eligible) athlete is from a country that qualified a Team to Tokyo, the potential spot will be granted to the country; if not, then it's nominative in that athletes own name.

So Larisa Iordache can earn a spot for Larisa Iordache. Vanessa Ferrari would earn a +1 Individual spot for Italy instead.

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