Does anyone else wonder about the percentage of LGBT+ women in NCAA?

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I don't know if this is a real thing or if there are many counterexamples I'm not aware of that disprove my point, but it's always seemed to me like there's a curious absence (actually, more like nonexistence) of openly LGBT women in NCAA gymnastics. I'm not surprised that there aren't any (at least that I've heard of) at the professional/competitive level (since they tend to be much younger, placed in much more of a spotlight, and how many openly gay athletes can you name in any sport that have product endorsements and major advertising deals?), and of course there's a good chance that the some of these women are still in the closet, which is totally understandable for the aforementioned reasons, but it's always seemed very strange to me that of all the countless colleges around the country that have gymnastics programs, I cannot think of a single one that has a single woman who's come out.

I mean, I'm not surprised that Alabama, Georgia, and BYU don't have any, for somewhat obvious cultural reasons, but it seems, if nothing else, statistically improbable that one of the blue states or solidly liberal colleges (think UCLA) don't have any out athletes either. Or that only heterosexual women would enter these programs and be good enough to compete on a seminational stage. Come to think of it, I think WAG is the only high-profile women's sport period where I can't think of any LGBT athletes.

I'm pretty sure, although I cannot name any right now, that there are some reasonably high-profile male gymnasts who have come out, so it seems very odd to me that no women have done the same. IDK, I probably don't really know what I'm talking about.

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