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The AllGymnastics MarketPlace is an online store dedicated to connecting the gymnastics seller with their customers. Our focus is to be the first, and last place people go for all things gymnastics.  For you the vendor, this focus means there is no better place to put you in front of your ideal customer or client.  Whether you have a Product or Service, AGC MarketPlace can help!

At our core, providing and maintaining positive relationships within the gymnastics community is paramount.  It is our assumption that each and every vendor on our MarketPlace has the same values.  We expect you, our vendor to be fair, open and honesty with these relationships.  We value trust, courtesy and fairness in each transaction. In return, the MarketPlace can help get you in front of the gymnastics community, increase sales and customer conversion.

Before You Begin

You should know…Vendors and Service Providers are handled differently


A MarketPlace vendor is considered any individual or company that sells one or more products.  These vendors are categorized as either an Independent Seller or a Business Seller.  An Independent Seller is defined as any entity selling an average of 30 or fewer items a month.  A Business Seller is any entity selling an average of 31 or more items per month.

MarketPlace Vendors are responsible for all customer service matters relating to their products. Vendors should be familiar with all policies relating to shipping, returns and refunds.  

Service Providers:

A MarketPlace service provider is any entity that provides a service of any kind.  These providers typically base pricing on their time or a service provided. MarketPlace Service Providers are responsible for all customer service matters relating to their services. All Providers should be familiar with policies relating to work performed, warranties, claims and refunds.

Associated Fees:

Business Seller

Independent Seller

Service Provider

10% of overall purchase price

10% of overall purchase price

$149 Annually

$99 Annual Member Fee,  or

$49.99 Annual Member Fee,  or


$10.99 Monthly Member Fee*

$5.99 Monthly Member Fee*

$29 Monthly*

*All monthly fees are based on a minimum of three (3) months.

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