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So I've been reading the new book from two ESPN reporters discussing the Nassar case and there are a couple of interesting new notes I saw. Wanted to start the discussion and see if anyone else has read it.

  • The book truly emphasizes just what a horrible human being John Geddert is. Just the emotional, mental and physical abuse that he inflicted on his gymnasts is truly sickening. The affair with one of his former gymnasts after she turned 18 was super disturbing.
  • Jordyn had some interesting things to say about Geddert, she said that is a bad person, but for her, she was a good coach. She said that there was one incident when she was young that he called her stupid but after her parents discussed it with him, it never happened again.
  • The book confirms that it was Alicia who was in the van in Tokyo who chastised McKayla after she said that Nassar was basically fingering her. Alicia denied that that is how she reacted but wouldnt comment further. Also in 2018, when Jordyn and Aly made national tv appearances talking about how Geddert was in the van, Geddert texted Jordyn saying he didnt hear the conversation.
  • The first conversation at the Ranch that triggered all the initial USAG stuff was between Aly, Alyssa Baumann and Maggie. It;s weird though, in the notes that Rhonda took that were published there was no mention of Alyssa but Simone's name were in the notes. As we now know neither Alyssa or Simone were ever interviewed.
  • In 2012, during the Fierce Five "victory tour" including events like the VMAs, Steve Penny inserted himself into those situations and accompanied the athletes.
  • According to USAG staffers, Penny personally felt responsible for the athlete success. He insisted that he announce the Olympic team on NBC (remember when he pronounced Aly's name wrong… good job Steve.)
  • Penny also had some creeoer in him. On the flight back from Rio he apparently texted Aly and told her that she "looked beautiful." A couple weeks later, he flew in for and tried to sit in with her FBI interview.

That's probably good for now… maybe I'll add a little more later.

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