Chellsie’s Hindorffs are on catch!

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Have you ever heard someone’s floor music “in the wild” and literally get transported back to that competition?

I'm watching The Crown on Netflix and I'm pretty sure I heard Nastia's floor music at the beginning of episode…

Are you human?

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And…Leanne’s officially committed!

She just announced that she’s going to compete in NCAA as a Florida Gator! Thoughts? I hope this is awesome…

Which of the Mag Seven have spoken out about the Karolyis/Nassau?

EDIT: iPhone changed Nassar to Nassau and now I can’t edit the title! I’m watching the final ep of Defying…

Kara Eaker doing a dance through of her new floor routine

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thanks Simone! as a queer person, this was great to wake up to!

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If Acro and Dressage Had A Baby

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