GB WAG team is being announced tomorrow!!

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Paris World Challenge Cup info and links

The Paris World Challenge Cup is coming up, so I thought I’d collect some information in one place. When: Saturday…

My signed pohto from Olga Korbut hangs proudly in my office!

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Just a photo of Laurie Hernandez cause I miss her gymnastics so much!

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morgan hurd on Instagram: “recents 😉 – she is tumbling again!

Beautiful double layout on what looks like a rod floor- good to see her back! submitted by /u/Scatheli…

Just gonna leave this here…💀

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Hashimoto Daiki 6.7 + 8.3 High Bar Routine (2022 Inter-College Championships) The Tak 1/2 + Liukin combo is spectacular. The Cassina is great as always. I honestly prefer this routine…

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