Announcement: USA National Champs Banner Contest

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Hello All!

I was hoping we as a community could trial run a banner contest before the Olympics. The goal of this would be to add a new banner & subreddit icon to the page in the next week. Should we get sufficient participation, the goal would be to run a round 2 following US Trials… but with a more global focus + inclusion of rhythmic & trampoline.

To shamelessly steal from another subreddit, see the banner contest going on in /r/marvelstudios right now. Post here.

How to Enter:

If you wish to participate, you will need to submit 2 things:

  1. A desktop version
  2. A mobile version

Again, shamelessly stealing:

JPG or PNG only.

On the mobile banner, the header should be in a 10:3 aspect ratio. Keep the minimum size to 640x192px and maximum size to 1280x384px.

Editing to note: These should be posted as links in a comment below, so that people can vote. If for whatever reason you wish to remain anonymous, feel free to send them via modmail and I'll post it as a top-level comment.

I personally like using imgur, and using the "hidden" feature when creating imgur links so that random folks can't stumble upon it and comment. But if you have another uploader of choice, feel free to use that instead.


My thoughts were to keep it America-centric, as we head into US MAG/WAG Nationals next weekend. However, I'm open to whatever anyone may want to submit! If you've got a Tokyo-inspired design you're thinking of, don't feel the need to stick with US.

It can be gymnast focused, apparatus based, current, or historical. I would like to suggest including both MAG & WAG rather than WAG dominating, in general.

How will the winner be selected?:

By the most upvotes. I will keep contest-mode enabled on this post so that the tallies are kept private. (I reserve the right to reject anything created with the intention of trolling).


June 1, around midnight? Not picky wrt timezone; just know that I'll be looking at the final results on June 2nd and I'm on the west coast of the US, given Nationals begins on June 3rd.

P.S. – Peep the new up and downvote icons I just created if you use new reddit. We all could use a little more NBC Stoplight in our lives 🙂 Thanks to /u/jstills2257 for the suggestion!

Additionally, the new subreddit icon comes from the Tokyo pictograms as designed by Masaaki Hiromura. I have it set to the Artistic icon right now, but will be floating through Trampoline & Rhythmic as well.

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