COVID-19 Announcement: Online Classes Are Available

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As the situation with COVID–19 has forced gyms to temporarily close, many coaches, gyms and people have started to pass along valuable information. Providing free online classes, blogs, activities and content has become the new norm.

I always try and look at the bright side of things. Even in this time of uncertainty and crisis there is a silver lining. It is truly heart-warming to see the gymnastics community come together to accomplish a single goal; help our athletes and parents get through this. If we can provide time throughout the day to give them even a hint of normalcy and keep them motivated, I am confident we will get through this.

AllGymnastics has created a single hub to find this valuable information. We have created a shared calendar where contributors from all over the country can list their event, blog or information. Many of these events are streamed live but can also be watched on demand. Please click the Calendar link below for a schedule of classes.

Link To Community Calendar:

If you would like to list your event, please click the form below. Please know that we are a free service and as such will only list free classes and content.

Link To Submit Your Event:

We wish you all the best of luck during these uncharted times. If you should have any questions or suggestions, please reach out any time.

Stay Safe (and distant),

Bill Borges

Our little disclaimer- Parents should use their discretion and best judgement in allowing their athletes access to the links and content provided. We also warn any athlete from doing anything beyond their skill level (both physically & mentally). Additionally, anyone participating should be in good physical condition as recommended by their physician.

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