2022 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Info Hub

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Event: MAG & WAG World Championships

Where: Liverpool, England

Event Website

IMPORTANT NOTE #1! DST is around the corner, and it does not hit everyone equally. The UK is changing clocks on October 30th. USA is on November 6th. Even if you're not in the UK or the US, you should still be aware of how that will impact you when converting to local time.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2! Please do not post nor request links to pirated content. Yes, this includes links to twitch streams. For the sake of this competition, quals is a free for all. Have fun posting whatever and anything you can find because the FIG hates us because I don't know how else we'd be able to see anything. Also, a quick google search on vpn's for geoblocking should do the trick.

FUN NOTE! There will be daily discussion threads (posted ~1.5 hours before session begins) & once we're through qualifications, the prediction tournament will begin.

BROADCASTING: Official Streaming Platforms are the typical broadcast giants. For example, BBC's got it in the UK; Peacock will be airing all finals live in the US (but have not found confirmation on if they're allowing for replays; NBC Sports should have the replays/recaps). Countries that bought out rights and will (very possibly) be geoblocked from the FIG Youtube Channel.

Schedule & FIG Youtube Stream Links

Reddit Post from the Official Draw for Subdivision Nations & Mixed Groups

Live Scoring Link (includes exact EF time breakdowns)

Live Scoring Link – Longines

Reddit Pages with Quals Results:


MAG (yet to be created)

Date Description Local Time USA Coastal Start times Youtube Video Link
1: Saturday, October 29th WAG Qualifications, Subs 1-2 19:55 – 22:50 2:55pm EDT/ 11:55am PDT Posted by FIG after the competition concludes
2: Sunday, October 30th WAG Qualifications, Subs 3-6; 7-10 09:15 – 15:35; 16:45 – 23:05 5:15am EDT/ 2:15am PDT Posted by FIG after the competition concludes
3: Monday, October 31st MAG Qualifications, Subs 1-4 & 5-6 09:15 – 17:45; 18:45 – 22:55 5:15am EDT/ 2:15am PDT Posted by FIG after the competition concludes
4: Tuesday, November 1st WAG Team Final 18:15 – 21:05 2:15pm EDT/ 11:15am PDT WAG TF
5: Wednesday, November 2nd MAG Team Final 17:25 – 20:50 1:25pm EDT/ 10:25am PDT MAG TF
6: Thursday, November 3rd WAG AA Final 18:30 – 21:15 2:30pm EDT/ 11:30am PDT WAG AA
7: Friday, November 4th MAG AA Final 17:45 – 21:10 1:45pm EDT/ 10:45am PDT MAG AA
8: Saturday, November 5th EF Day 1: MAG FX, PH, SR; WAG VT, UB (MAG & WAG Alternate) 13:15 – 18:10 9:15am EDT/ 6:15am PDT EF Day 1
9: Sunday, November 6th EF Day 2: MAG VT, PB, HB; WAG BB, FX (MAG & WAG Alternate) 13:15 – 18:10 8:15am EST/ 5:15am PST EF Day 2

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