Which former elites would you love to hear from today (their true story) and why?

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Ever since Athlete A was released I've been watching and listening to interviews with former elites telling their true stories, such as Dantzscher (Gymcastic), Silivas (TSL), Kathy Johnson-Clarke (TSL), Atler (gymcastic from 2017), Okino (gymcastic).

Which elites would you love to hear from that we haven't already?

In no particular order:

Jennie Thompson – she trained at 3 of the major gyms in the '90's (Karolyi's, Nunno, and MLT). I would love to hear her stories about the various coaching styles.

Dominique Dawes – Tell us more about your beef with Kelli Hill! I just watched this documentary from ~2005 and she was very complimentary of her.

– Brandy Johnson

– Sandy Woolsey

– Ericka Stokes

– Jaycie Phelps

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