Unique Partner Activities from Coach Jennifer O’Hara

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GymCoachJenO has one of our favorite educational Instagram accounts filled with unique activities for preschool gymnastics, strength, and speed classes. She highlighted some of her favorite partner activities for us which you can find below. Enjoy!

Partner Foam Toss

Here’s another fun way to get kids moving. As kids go through periods of physical growth, they tend to struggle with balance. Changing surface height or width can create a challenge. If a two-foot balance is easy, have the child practice going up on toes or standing on only one foot. Balance is important for everyday activities like walking and sitting/standing. For young athletes, balance is an important part of many skills and drills. I’ll be posting again regarding some of the easily overlooked origins of poor balance and how to begin to address them.

Partner Wheelbarrows

Remember wheelbarrows? This is a great activity for many reasons. First, teaching kids to work with a partner can be tricky. It requires a sense of teamwork and patience from both kids. It’s always interesting to see how or if they are able to work together. The activity itself is perfect for core and upper body strength, coordination, wrist flexibility and general body awareness. Have fun!

Partner High-Fives

What is the midline and why does it matter? Imagine a vertical line splitting your body in half. That is your vertical midline. The ability to spontaneously cross the midline is important in physical development but more importantly, for brain development. Each side of the brain is responsible for different tasks. From scratching an elbow, crossing the legs, or reading left to write, crossing the midline helps build pathways in the brain responsible for motor and cognitive skills. Bilateral coordination such as pushing, pulling, and crawling are early indicators of crossing the midline. Activities, where the hand or foot must cross the center of the body to complete the task, will help your child cross the midline. Nspt4kids.com.

Partner Ball Twists

Partner work is such a valuable part of our programming and often overlooked. Partner work helps develop a social awareness which is so important during the preschool years. Sharing, taking turns, teamwork and empathy are all wonderful concepts that are nurtured during these activities. Simple and fun!

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