Underrated vs Overrated Floor Routines

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What are your overrated or underrated floor routines?!?


Ellie Black 2022: such lovely dance and the expression is so well done

Chellsie Memmel 2008: for having 5 tumbling passes i feel like she has such a lovely presentation

Mckayla Maroney 2011: such fluid routine and the 3.5 twist is legendary

Cheng Fei 2008: the music and the routine flow so beautifully

Lauren Mitchell 2011: even though she has the wacky dance passage everything else is well done


Aliya Mustafina 2016: felt underpowered and just arm wavy choreo

Brooklyn Moors 2018: i felt this was her worst of her three elite routines

Jessica Gadirova 2022: great expression however i am not a fan of the composition

Simone Biles 2020: fell flat, was missing the energy from her rio and before routines

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