Tired of the Daily Grind?

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As a gymnast, it is so easy to get stuck in that daily grind.

You spend a lot of hours in the gym and sometimes you’re just in that mode of putting one foot in front of the other. What’s my assignment for tonight? What do I need to do tomorrow? It’s just more and more routine.

And while routine can be valuable, I want you to take some time this week – today, tomorrow, as soon as possible – and remind yourself why you love this sport.

Because there should be a whole bunch of reasons that you love the sport of gymnastics. Otherwise, why are you spending so many hours doing this?

Make sure that you take a step back and gain that perspective. “Oh yea! I do like this. It’s not just a part of what I do. I am choosing this. I am dedicating myself to this. I love this.”

Be clear on those reasons and remind yourself of them regularly.