NCAA friday discussion

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Buy tickets and see the timetable for our virtual Performance Pathway Symposium

The provisional timetable for our virtual Performance Pathway Symposium can now be viewed. Taking place between Sunday 17th January and…

NCAA WAG Week 1 – BBS Schedule & Links

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Gymnastics clubs in England to close under latest lockdown measures

Following the latest update from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson (4th January 2021), all British Gymnastics clubs in England are advised…

MyKayla update

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Shawn Johnson’s 2011 Comeback

This is purely speculation. I’ve been watching the 2011 Visa Champs and I am so impressed with Shawn’s comeback. I…

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Do you follow it? What are your thoughts?

I went down a rhythmic gymnastics rabbit hole after reading more about Soldatova’s retirement and struggles in the sport (https://www.rockergymnastics.com/rhythmic-gymnastics/2020/2/6/alexandra-soldatovas-alleged-suicide-attempt-rocks-rhythmic-gymnasticsnbsp).…

Why does Romania have such a hard time transitioning juniors?

I thought I’d start a discussion that’s been had in a lot of other threads. I know some posters have…