Is this a retirement post??


GK US Classic Info Post

Event: 2021 GK US Classic Dates: May 21st & 22nd Event Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Local Time Zone: Eastern Event Website Live Scoring Events May 21st, 1:40pm: Hopes Championships May 21st, 6:40pm: US Classic (Junior...

Alyssa Beckerman: #GymnastAlliance post about Miss Val

Open letter to Mrs. Valorie Kondos Field, First of all, I am very aware of the sheer amount of anger this will potentially generate. All I can say is, I appreciate that people had good experiences. I just can’t say the same...

Watching Old Competitions – Post Nassar/Marta

I think, at very least since the advent of Youtube, watching old competitions has been a staple of gymnastics fans. We follow a sport with a SUPER short competition season. It means we often appease our desire to see more by ...
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