NCAA Week 9 & Doha World Cup MegaSticky

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Slightly less gym this weekend as compared to last, but still some elite comps happening!

NCAA Week 9 Schedule & Links

NCAA W9 Schedule & Links

Doha FIG World Cup: March 2nd-5th

Event Website

Doha functions like Cottbus did – MAG & WAG competing on same days. Half of the events on one day, the other on day 2 (in Olympic order). Both Quals and Finals are 2 days each; a straight run through of 4 days of competition.

Smart Scoring has the results, and as is typical, is incredibly glitchy. Godspeed in trying to get it to work half the time.

Haven't seen anything about Livestreams. Hopefully we'll get video after the fact like we have for some performances already (Hail Queen Chuso; long may she reign).

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