NCAA Week 8, Cottbus World Cup, NL Cup, & Winter Cup MegaSticky

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Dang do we have a lot of gymnastics the next few days! Times listed below will be all listed in their local times. Cottbus is happening in, well, Cottbus, which is CET (GMT+1). NL & Winter Cup are happening in Texas, which is CST (GMT-6).

NCAA Week 8 Schedule & Links

Week 8 Schedule

Cottbus FIG World Cup: February 24th – 27th

Event Website

Schedule: Qualification Thu/Fri beginning at 16:30 , Finals Sat/Sun at 14:00.

MAG & WAG occur on the same days at World Cups like this. So on Day 1, the men and women will both have quals for half of their events (in olympic order), and then the other half on Day 2. On Day 3 there will be finals for the events from Day 1, and then Day 4 will have the finals for Day 2 Quals Events.

Stream (Non-Geo Blocked!) (Apparently is geoblocked. Get thee a vpn)

Live scores for Cottbus qualifying here.

(Thanks /u/shamelesscreature and /u/bretonstripes!)

Nastia Liukin Cup: February 25th, 1:30pm

Event Website

Podium Training on the 24th (11:30am-2pm) will air on USA Gymnastics YouTube

Competition will occur from 2:30-5pm, broadcasting on the Olympic Channel. USAG has confirmed that individual routines and the entire broadcast will be uploaded afterwards to the new service. NOTE: My assumption is that the 1:30 vs 2:30 differentiation is a doors open & warmups vs competition starts, but not 100% certain.

Live Results and Start Lists

Winter Cup: February 24th – 27th

Event Website

Schedule & Known Streaming Links:

Streaming Times are listed below when I could differentiate the doors open vs competition begins. Do not use the below times if you happen to be in person.

2/24 2:30pm: Senior Men's Podium Training (USA Gymnastics YouTube)

2/24 5pm: Junior Men's Podium Training (USA Gymnastics YouTube)

2/25 10am: Senior Women's Podium Training (USA Gymnastics YouTube)

2/25 6:30pm: Senior Men’s Competition Day 1 – All-around (Olympic Channel)

2/26 8:30am: Junior Women's Podium Training (USA Gymnastics YouTube)

2/26 1pm: Senior Women’s Competition – All-around & events (NBC and Peacock)

2/26 5:30pm: Junior Men’s Competition – Elite Team Cup team final (; Winter Cup all-around & event qualifications

2/27 1pm: Junior Women’s Competition – All-around & events (

2/27 6:30pm: Senior and Junior Men’s Competition Day 2 – Event finals (

All individual routines uploaded after competition to

Live Results and Start Lists

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