My Experience at the GOAT Tour

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Hi guys! I got to go to the GOAT tour’s opening show, so I thought I’d give a brief review so you guys know what to expect if you’re going/thinking of going. I’ll try not to spoil anything big.

Disclaimer: I love gymnastics, but I’m not very educated on the technical side of it so I can’t tell you what skills they were doing.

First Half:

This half was basically a dance show with some gymnastics thrown in. It was pretty much nonstop choreographed dances to pop songs and seemed very kid-oriented to me. There’s an overarching message of being “golden” and loving yourself. I enjoyed it, but I definitely found myself wanting the focus to be more on the gymnastics instead of the dancing. The girls threw a few big skills on floor which was fun! Laurie and Morgan had their own sections that I thought were really nice as well. I was near the back of the venue for this half (I moved for the second half), but I think I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if I was closer to the front. Throughout the whole show there were annoying emojis/effects plastered over the big screen which made it difficult to see the gymnastics behind them.

Second Half:

This part was very gymnastics oriented! It was definitely my favorite of the two halves. Laurie acted as a host and she was as charismatic as ever. This half seemed more mature and there was a lot of emphasis on the gymnastics. There was a special section that highlighted the girls that went to the Olympics and gave them a chance to speak a bit, which I was really glad to see since there’s not a lot of talking in the rest of the show. They also had a chance to show a bit of their Olympic routines (dumbed down versions, but still cool!). There was also a section that paid tribute to gymnasts who “paved the way” for today’s athletes. It was beautiful and probably my favorite part as a gymnastics fan (and… Chuso voiceover!!). Katelyn also had an AMAZING section here, although she was in a boot.

Overall, I’d say it was a very entertaining show! Kids will love the first half and gymnastics fans will love the second half. If you’re on the fence about splurging for closer seats, I would say go for it. Seeing the girls up close makes a massive difference and helps you bypass the annoying emoji thing on the big screen.

EDIT: This video Simone retweeted can give you a good idea of what the biggest skills of the night looked like.

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