Mersin Challenge Cup info and links

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When: Qualifying is over two days. The Friday, October 7 session will run from 2pm to 7:15pm local; the Saturday session has the same times. (Mersin is 7 hours ahead of US Eastern, so that will be a 7am start time both days.) All finals are on Sunday. The first session will be 1:30-3:15pm, and the second at 5–6:45pm.

How to watch: The Turkish federation streams practically everything they host on their YouTube channel and has streamed this meet several times, so that’s where I’m expecting to see finals. Historically they have not streamed qualifying.

While this meet has been streamed on the Turkish fed’s YouTube channel for several years, it has a history of technical difficulties in displaying scores. One year Olly made a joke about hoping the viewers were enjoying the mystery, and that was the second year it had happened to him.

With that in mind, I don’t expect to find a live score link. If something pops up I’ll let you know.

Who will be there: Nominative registration here. With the proximity to Worlds, this meet is going to have a smaller field and fewer big names than previous challenge cups, although it should be noted that Chuso (who is skipping Worlds) is on the roster and registered for everything but floor. That feels like an error but we’ll see!

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