Introduction of NHS QR codes for venues in England and Wales 

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Update on Boris Johnson’s briefing to the House of Commons 

We are in contact with Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to understand the full impact of the COVID-19 restrictions announced in parliament today, in particular the rule of 6 applying to indoor adult team sport (England only). As soon as we have further information, we will provide an update.

New legal requirement to display QR code posters 

From Thursday 24th September, all venues in England will be required by law to display the official NHS QR code poster ahead of the new NHS COVID-19 app being launched. 

In Wales, all venues are urged to display the official NHS QR code poster in their facilities. 

For clubs in hired venues, it is our understanding that it is the responsibility of the venue operator to display the NHS QR code, and you must liaise with them.  

For clubs operating in their own venues, please visit the government coronavirus guidance website to register your details and create a specific NHS QR code poster for your facility.  

There is currently no legal requirement for gymnasts or parents to use the QR system and clubs can continue to keep their own log of participants, staff and visitors for NHS Test & Trace. However, if visitors choose to check-in using the QR code poster, they do not need to log in via any other route.  

In England, the regulations will be enforced by local authorities who will have the power to issue fines of up to £1,000 for venues failing to comply, or report to the police as a last resort. Fines will rise to £4,000 for repeat offenders.  

In Wales, the displaying of NHS QR code posters is currently not required by law, therefore will not be enforced by the local authorities. However, the Welsh Government are instead encouraging all venues to download the app when it launches. 

Clubs will be expected to make sure their participants, staff and visitors are aware of the rules around QR codes by speaking to gymnasts and parents directly.  

For more information about coronavirus, visit:

British Gymnastics – British Gymnastics

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