I rescored the OU @ LSU meet for funsies and these were my takeaways

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So I'm not going to go down and break down every score I came to for each routine, but I was markedly more harsh than the judges at LSU, and probably most top level D1 programs. These are mostly just broad themes I noticed.

  1. The beam judges did not take deductions for flexed feet/bent knees. Routines where the gymnast had good form but maybe a balance break or two I ended up scoring pretty similarly to what the LSU judges scored, if not .1 to .2 lower. Routines where there were "built in" form deductions I was as much as .4 lower than what was scored at the meet.
  2. Lineup position meant a lot in terms of scoring. My scores for Arenas' vault, Jeffreys bars, Sterns vault, Sievers' bars, and Bell Johnsons floor were all within .05 of the score they got at LSU. Whereas as the lineup continued on my scores stayed the same (or got lower lol) whereas the judges got higher. I had Sievers tied with Bowers for the highest OU bars score, Jeffrey second only to Finnegan on the LSU side and Bell Johnson second to Bowers on floor for OU, which doesn't match the results the judges came to.

Looking at the scoring overall, it makes me sad in some ways because the lack of differentiation. When you're only taking deductions for missed handstands, steps, and balance checks you're not properly rewarding gymnasts who keep their legs together on their pak or their toes pointed in their flight series. Something I really love about NCAA is the emphasis on execution so to see this aspect of it being neglected was disheartening.

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