Hypothetical NCAA tell-all

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Which (current or former) NCAA athletes would you like to read a tell-all from?

I don't even want to say Marz, because I feel so awful for her that her senior season turned out like this. It would feel like rubbernecking for a car accident, TBH. I would actually love to hear Sara Taubman's take on all of that. She doesn't seem like the type to be catty at all, and it sounds like she had a role in trying to restore harmony on the team. Others I'd read in a heartbeat:

Kennedy Baker- I feel she has more to say about her FLA experience than she has felt able to.

Ruby Harrold (her non-US athlete take on LSU, SEC and NCAA in general would be fascinating

Any lesser-known athlete from a top team. UCLA from the early aughts, UGA from the mid to late aughts, OU now, Florida now.

Maggie O'Hara. For her to be so happy and sure of her decision to switch away from MICH for ARK even with MICH them winning that 2021 Natty- something must have been badly off with her MICH experience- not necessarily abuse, maybe just a terribly bad fit?

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