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Event: 2021 GK US Classic

Dates: May 21st & 22nd

Event Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Local Time Zone: Eastern

Event Website

Live Scoring


  • May 21st, 1:40pm: Hopes Championships
  • May 21st, 6:40pm: US Classic (Juniors)
  • May 22nd, 1:00pm: US Classic (Seniors Session 1)
  • May 22nd, 6:50pm, US Classic (Seniors Session 2)

There will be a discussion thread for all 3 Classics Sessions.

Note: Competition results for the seniors are determined based on the combination of Sessions 1 & 2.


Hopes & Juniors are on the hellsite known as flo. I refuse on principal to link to them in here.

Seniors Session 1 is on Peacock (NBC's new-ish streaming service), who have announced that it should be free for all; you just need to create an account (international folks, this should work for you too if you get a vpn).

Seniors Session 2 is on NBCSN. International folks & those without cable logins, I'm sure links will be floating around… I have not yet seen if USAG will have an international feed like they have in the past.

Why Should I Care?

  • Last chance for athletes to qualify for Nationals if they haven't already. See the handy dandy flow chart. Note well: there are petition procedures if an athlete doesn't make a score, or only qualifies on 2 events but wants to compete AA later on. Also note, USAG is never really transparent in stating who has already qualified; for example, we only know eMjae Frazier got her nationals score at the last camp because of the Parkettes IG, not from USAG themselves.
  • Chellsie Memmel's first competition since 2012!
  • In general, seeing where everyone is at in training. Don't read too much into things when many/most of the top girls don't do AA and instead just use this meet as a nationals warm up.
  • Will Simone debut the yurchenko double pike?!?!

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