Finally some gymnastics again: German Bundesliga

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Hey guys,

this weekend was at least for German viewers full of gymnastics. Still not full routines for most of them, but at least it's something 🙂 Top Scorer this weekend was Sarah Voss with 52.40 points.

Individual apparatus results

Vault: Sarah Voss 13.80, Eli Seitz 13.65, Dorien Motten 13.35

Bars: Kim Bui 14.45, Lisa Katharina Hill 13.65, Lisa Zimmermann 13.60

Beam: Sarah Voss 13.60, Emelie Petz 13.25, Emma Malewski 13.10

Floor: Dorien Motten 13.30, Lara-Marie Hinsberger 12.90, Sarah Voss 12.90, Aiyu Zhu 12.90

If you are interested in the results, you can find them here:

And most probably you can re-watch the competition here with VPN:

First Bundesliga second division (ranked 1-4) (more known gymnasts are Sarah Voss, Eli Seitz, Kim Bui, Emi Petz, Lisa Zimmermann)

First Bundesliga first division (ranked 5-8):

and second Bundesliga

Enjoy watching!

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