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Kristin White (former AC at ASU) is the new HC for Utah State

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Tim Daggett teaches us how to say words.

submitted by /u/Alauraize [link] [comments] Gymnastics

Hypothetical NCAA tell-all

Which (current or former) NCAA athletes would you like to read a tell-all from? I don't even want to say…

We have a coach!

submitted by /u/alittledalek [link] [comments] Gymnastics

What’s wrong with OU?

I just recently started following NCAA gymnastics after being a fan of Elite for years and I have a brief…

Dominique Moceanu gives birth to baby girl

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Clemson HC is Amy Smith

submitted by /u/Scatheli [link] [comments] Gymnastics

Newest rumor: Hooten to UF

submitted by /u/JanuaryRuth [link] [comments] Gymnastics

NCAA Predictions Tournament Winners

Just wanted to give a shout out to /u/jstills2257 for winning the predictions tournament! For the podium: jstills2257 (2576) FrankieGayy…

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