Chinese nationals start tomorrow! Thoughts + Schedule

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This will be the national championships, the first of three Olympic trials (two additional private selection camps) and the qualification to the 2021 National Games!

All the current Olympic team contenders, including Liu Tingting, Ou Yushan, Tang Xijing, Wei Xiaoyuan, Qi Qi, Guan Chenchen, Chen Yile, Li Shijia, Lu Yufei, Zhang Jin, and Fan Yilin are expected to compete, plus other veterans competing for their provincial teams who could place well including Shang Chunsong, Wang Yan, Luo Huan, and Yu Linmin.

Who to watch in terms of Olympic team selection:

Qi Qi is favored for a spot given her advantage on vault and floor. She might be upgrading her DTY.

Her biggest competition is Guan Chenchen. GCC also brings a DTY, is stronger on beam (7.0 difficulty) but weaker on floor. Since neither of them has a bar routine good enough for team finals, there is only room for one on the team. Zhang Jin is also a no-bars option but hasn’t been in peak form since 2018. She did get two international assignments in 2020 though.

Whichever two don’t make the team will be contenders for the second individual spot (Fan Yilin has one secured) given their event finals potential on vault, beam, or floor.

Ou Yushan will also be favored for a team spot given her AA ability, but there are questions regarding how much difficulty she will compete on each event as she returns from injury. She will hopefully bring a DTY and a 7.3+ beam routine along with good bar and floor routines.

The DTY is the critical skill for everyone else as there is only room for one person on the team without one. That makes Tang Xijing with her DTY a frontrunner for a second AA spot. While she has the complete program and the 2019 AA medal, she does struggle with nerves especially on the first day of a competition and she might not podium in the AA here.

All the other contenders (Liu Tingting, Li Shijia, Wei Xiaoyuan, Chen Yile, Lu Yufei) currently offer a Yurcheno full, a 6.0-6.5 bars routine, a 6.3-7.0 beam routine, and a 5.0-5.3 floor routine. Basically, they’re TXJ without the DTY.

There’s only a spot for one of them on the team and it’s up for grabs. However, if LSJ restores her DTY or if LTT or WXY add the one they’ve been training, they can challenge TXJ and maybe OYS for that AA spot. Additionally they can all compete with the VT/BB/FX crowd for the second individual spot too – they’re all possible beam medalists tbh.

My predictions:

AA: Ou Yushan, Tang Xijing, Wei Xiaoyuan

VT: Qi Qi, He Licheng, Yu Linmin

UB: Fan Yilin, Wei Xiaoyuan, Cheng Shiyi

BB: Ou Yushan, Liu Tingting, Guan Chenchen

FX: Qi Qi, Ou Yushan, Tang Xijing


05/02 – PT Men

05/03 – PT Women

05/04 – Qualifications/Team Final Men

05/05 – Qualifications/Team Final Women

05/06 – AA Final Men

05/07 – AA Final Women

05/08 – EF Day 1

05/09 – EF Day 2

P.S. Does anyone have a stream?

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