Former L10 gymnast Aimee Erb tells her story of abuse at Texas Dreams

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Tang Xijing wins AA in the China Individual Championships!

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William and Mary to reinstate women’s gymnastics, but not men’s

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Remember when Simone did this beauty of a twisting pass on floor?

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Finally some gymnastics again: German Bundesliga

Hey guys, this weekend was at least for German viewers full of gymnastics. Still not full routines for most of…

The Tatiana’s of the early 90s were doing such crazy difficult gymnastics – their skills are still rated the highest today.

Almost 30 years ago, some of the most difficult gymnastics was being competed flawlessly by 3 teenagers from the USSR,…

Chellsie Memmel: A Look at the Other Half of my Gymnastics Days!

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I Said “Catch” Not “Fetch” – Chellsie’s New Video!

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Gelya with a nice high DTY and a Fabrichnova!

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